The Dribbler
The Dribbler
The Dribbler
The Dribbler

The Dribbler

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Protects your table clothes and worktops from red wine drips. Designed to avoid spills, particularly with red wine, and avoid staining any beloved clothes or fabrics. Pop it on top of your red wine once opened to protect dribbles.

The Wine Opener comes in a beautiful, patterned reusable box, ready for gifting. Designed to fit all traditional wine bottles.Simply pop The Wine Opener on top of the bottle and press the buttons to watch the cork rise out within seconds. To remove the cork, place it at a 90 degree angle and press once again. It is not suitable to open champagne or prosecco bottles

- The Wine Opener
- Gift Box
- Rechargeable batteries
- Foil Cutter
- USB Charging Cable

1) Place the foil cutter
over the bottle top and twist it to
remove the foil.

2) Position the opener vertically and press the button until the cork rises out.

3) Tilt the opener horizontally and press the button to release the cork.

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